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The Advantages of Live Seafood Holding Tanks

Bulk holding live tanks have become invaluable for businesses in the aquaculture industry - and the many advantages it offers are only increasing in importance.

There are many seafood species that cannot last long out of their natural environment. This makes transporting them and preserving their quality for sale and consumption a meticulous and often risky process.

But, with the right equipment, it doesn’t have to be.

Here at Austmarine, our live seafood holding tanks offer the ultimate solution to preserving live seafood and quality out of their natural environment. For both transport and on-site holding, we design tanks that work, using patented technology that we developed initially in 1985 and then further evolved over the subsequent years.

The Advantages of Live Seafood Tank Systems

For seafood restaurateurs, restaurant seafood suppliers, wholesalers and exporters, bulk holding live seafood on-site is becoming the new norm for many tangible reasons.

Using the right means, there no longer has to be a rush for transporting or selling live seafood product - along with all the planning, stress and hard work that comes with it.

Just some of the many advantages include:

  • live seafood holding for long periods of time
  • seafood is high quality and stress-free for export and retail consumption
  • having readily available on-hand stock
  • improved inventory management
  • cash flow maintenance in the event of order issues

Our MC range of live seafood tanks at Austmarine delivers these advantages in various-sized tanks for any operation and space. We also cater to the movement stage in our equally state-of-the-art TR range of live fish transport tanks.


One of our many esteemed clients, OysterLife, founded by Ewan McAsh - who also heads Signature Oysters and SmartOysters - has greatly benefited from using our tanks as an easy-to-manage, all-inclusive digital farming system for clients in NSW.

Utilising our MC500 marine water holding tank, Ewan is able to hold up to 12,000 oysters in optimal condition for up to 12 weeks, low maintenance and available for both instant sale and organised pack out without re-handling, which risks spoiling the product.

Ewan even accredits his Austmarine tank to having given him the crucial advantage of managing and maintaining stock and cash flow during the Australian bush fires in 2019 and 2020, as well as throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since invested in two more.

Austmarine MC Bulk Live Holding Tanks

When it comes to bulk live holding, our range of MC tanks sets the standard for keeping live seafood in perfect health for extended periods of time, boasting expertly engineered and patented Oceantronic technology that we’ve developed specifically for the intelligent and hassle-free maintenance of all types of freshwater and seawater seafood.

The highly advanced MC range is self-contained, self-operating and designed to suit a variety of purposes and spaces, from back door kitchen setups in restaurants to large-scale seafood holding for aquaculture wholesalers and exporters.

The patented design itself sets our products apart from the rest, boasting a smart automated control system as well as robust vacuum-sealed and heavily insulated double-skin fibreglass that ensures the holding of live products for up to 12 weeks, with no weight loss.

The Austmarine range includes the MC250, MC500, MC1000 and MC5000 - ideal for any business dealing with live seafood trade.

You can find more information about these tanks at Live Seafood Holding Tanks.